Yale YRD216-ZW2-0BP Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Push Button keypad and Z-Wave+ **Oil Rubbed Bronze. P/N: 84527




Lose Your Keys. For Good. Unlock and lock your home with ease from the backlit push button keypad. Create unique pin codes for friends and family and remove codes whenever you need to. This Yale Assure Lock features Z-Wave technology and seamlessly integrates into 50+ home automation and security systems including SmartThings, Wink, Alarm.com, Vera and more! When added to most Z-Wave automation systems, lock and unlock your door, create pin codes, view access history and receive notifications from anywhere. The lock is tamper resistant, easy to install and even easier to use! Features may vary based on Z-Wave controller. Adjustable latch


  • Works with Z-Wave smart home and alarms systems including SmartThings, Wink, Alarm and Vera
  • Push button keypad with backlit numbers that won't wear off
  • Push button keypad with backlit numbers that won't wear off
  • Lock and check lock status with Alexa when used with SmartThings or wink
  • Voice Guided programming in English, French or Spanish

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