Xantech CC12 Remote Relay Module

Provides dry contact closures. For Plasma lifts/screen drops/drapes. One double pole. Double throw relay. 5 Amp/30VDC rated. Four contacts. Two normally open/two normally closed. IR input terminals. IR code select switch. Each.




The CC12 is an IR remote controlled double pole/double throw relay module. It provides dry contact closures to satisfy a variety of uses such as activation of screen drops and projector lifts. The switching is accomplished by way of infrared commands originating from a Xantech RC68+ programmer (or RC68 programmer). It can also be switched by a DC voltage applied between the CI (control input) and GND terminals. The RC68+ commands are "taught" to learning devices and passed to the IR IN and GND input terminals of the CC12 signal input terminals via Xantech IR receivers keypads and connecting blocks.


  • Provides dry contact closures
  • 1 double-pole double-throw relay 5 Amp/30V DC rated
  • 4 contacts available: 2 normally open 2 normally closed
  • LED indicates contact status
  • Infrared input terminals

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