The AKG C400BL is a hypercardioid boundary microphone intended for capturing speech. With it's contoured frequency response, the C400BL is particularly useful for meetings, conferences, interviews, speeches, and more. The tailored frequency response features a low frequency roll-off below 200Hz, a high frequency rise centered at 6 kHz and a high frequency roll off at 6kHz.

The contoured frequency response is designed to maximize vocal intelligibility while minimizing noise caused at the low and high frequency registers. The C400BL features a miniature profile for easy concealing and a 5 foot (1.5m) cable with 3-pin XLR output connection. The C400BL's condenser element is powered via 9 to 52V DC phantom power

Contoured Frequency Response

With a low frequency roll-off, high frequency roll-off and mid frequency peak, the C400BL is optimized for speech and vocal reproduction.

Hyper-cardioid Polar Pattern

The hypercardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing ambiance and off-axis audio.

Dual Noise Cancelling (DNC)

The combination of a narrow pickup angle and contoured frequency response further reject ambient noise.

Small Profile

The small, unobtrusive profile allows for easy concealment.

Repaintable Surface

The C400BL features a repaintable surface that aids in concealing the microphone from view.

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