Simply45 Pass Through RJ45 Crimp Tool for UTP & Internal Ground Shielded Pass Through RJ45 Mod Plugs Built-In Stripper/Cutter

The SIMPLY45-CRIMPER is designed to work with our SIMPLY45 RJ45 Plugs and Boots, but it also works with other pass through RJ45 modular plugs such as Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45. Not for use with standard (non-passthrough) RJ45 modular plugs. The SIMPLY45-CRIMPER is much less expensive than other pass through RJ45 crimper tools. Limited 2 Year Warranty.




Use with SIMPLY45? Pass Through Cat6/5e RJ45 Plugs & BootsThe SIMPLY45? Crimper is a professional heavy-duty ratcheted crimp tool for terminating SIMPLY45? pass through RJ45 modular plugs (UTP/STP). (Parts: SIMPLY45-CAT6, SIMPLY45-CAT5E, SIMPLY45-CAT5E-SH, SIMPLY45-BOOT-CAT6, SIMPLY45-BOOT-CAT5E)

Simply45 re-engineered the pass through RJ45 crimp tool to be? Simply Better Quality, Simply Easier to Use, Simply More Affordable.

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