SCP 22/4FPLR-COIL 22/4 Solid FPLR Alarm Wire 500' Coil Pack -

Bare copper conductors. Sun resistance. Ripcord & sequential footage markings. Color coded conductors. Supports 300v operations. Fire-resistant. Tested to pass UL test 1424 & vertical riser flame test UL 1666. 500ft Speed Bag. Red. Each.

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4C/22 AWG SOLID FPLR PVC Fire Alarm Cable COIL PACK- 500 FT


Powe r limited fire alarm and communications cable for Riser and Non-Riser applications. Fire Alarm, Fire Protective Circuits, Smoke Detectors, Monitor/Detection, Signal, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, and Notification Circuits.


  • Multi-Condu ctor Unshielded FPLR- Insulated solid bare copper conductors, twisted with a sunlight resistant PVC jacket. Ripcord and sequential foot markings printed on jacket.
  • ETL FPLR or CL2R, NEC Article 760, California State Fire Marshall.
Includes(1) 22-4 Solid FPLR Fire Alarm Wire Cable Unshielded Riser Red 1000ft
Rated temperature60?C
 22 Gauge 4 Conductor Solid
Bare copper conductors
PVC w/sun resistance, ripcord and sequential footage marking
Foam Polypropylene insulation
Cabled construction
300V operation
Used for wiring fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, signaling, and fire protective circuits
Color CodeBlack, Red, White, Green
Applications includePower limited fire alarm and communications cable for riser or non-riser applications.
ApprovalsUL Type FPLR, NEC Article 760, California State Fire Marshal

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