RTI VIRSA-MOUSE Low-Profile Single IR Emitter

Sleek Symmetrical design. Separate holder. Easy removal/replacement of emitter. Flexible film adhesive. Translucent circuit board. IR pass-through. Standard 3.5mm mini-plug. 10' cable. Integrated cable management strap. MC50. P/N: 10-210268-20




Designed with the professional integrator in mind, the versatile vIRsa Mouse is an IR emitter built to outperform all others. Installations will go smooth with an unobtrusive, low-profile IR emitter that features a flexible film adhesive which conforms to curved surfaces. Troubleshooting will be a breeze with features such as a separate holder that stays attached, allowing easy removal and replacement of the emitter, and a visible blue LED flasher that can be covered during normal operation. Since reliability is one of the most important aspects of an IR emitter, the vIRsa Mouse is engineered like no other. An actual (translucent) PCB improves the integrity of electrical connections within the emitter. A built-in resistor protects against over-driving, and precision molding ensures consistent quality. From top to bottom, the vIRsa Mouse has everything on the integrator wish list - reliability, sleek design and innovative features to make any installation go like clockwork


  • Sleek, low-profile and symmetrical design.
  • Separate holder allows for easy removal/replacement of emitter.
  • Flexible film adhesive conforms to curved surfaces.
  • Blue LED flasher can be visible during normal operation or only for troubleshooting.
  • Translucen t circuit board allows IR pass-through.
  • Industry standard 3.5mm mini-plug uses precision over-molding to ensure consistency.
  • Ten foot cable reaches the entire rack.
  • Integrated cable management strap.
Input Requirements3V to 16V DC, 20mA minimum
Maximum Current Consumption0.5mA
Control Cable Length10 feet (3.0 m)
Control Cable PlugStandard 3.5mm plug
Dimension (Diameter)Adhesive Backing .59 (15mm) diameter
Emitter .44 (10mm) diamter
WarrantyOne Year (Parts & Labor)

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