Qolsys QS9301-1200-840 IQ Hub 319.5 MHz (Verizon)





The Qolsys IQ Hub is the whole home hub with a 7"" touchscreen. The glass made on the panel is made with capacitive multi-touch glass. Which is a transparent electrode layer that is placed on top of the glass panel, and covered by a protective cover. When a finger comes into contact with the screen, the ratios of the electrical currents change. That helps the computer to detect the touchpoints. Also in addition to the 7"" screen, the panel also comes with a 2W speaker.


  • 7"" All In One Touchscreen
  • 8 Core Processor
  • Large speakers
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • Easy install backplate/table stand
  • End user replaceable battery
  • Lower Cost
    • Removed 2-way voice
    • Removed Camera
    • Removed Panel Glass Break
    • Single Security radio


  • PowerG ONLY: QS9301-0208-840 (Verizon)
  • PowerG ONLY: QS9302-0208-840 (AT&T)
  • 319 ONLY: QS9301-1200-840 (Verizon)
  • 319 ONLY: QS9302-1200-840 (AT&T)
  • 345 ONLY: QS9301-5200-840 (Verizon)
  • 345 ONLY: QS9302-5200-840 (AT&T)

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