ProConnect HD-25AST Snug-Tite 25' 18Gbps Active HDMI 2.0 with Ethernet

Snug-Tite grip- retains 12lbs of grip force. [email protected] 4:4:4. 2160P. Full 18Gbps. Triple shielded for maximum EMI noise protection. HDR/ARC/BT/.2020 and HDMI Anti-counterfeit. High speed with Ethernet 2.0. MC10 ***MSTR BRAND FAMILY OF PRODUCTS




These are fully shielded HDMI cables that have been tested and approved by HDMI to the new Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet performance standard. Each cable bears the HDMI Anti-Counterfeiting Label for Premium Certified Cables. These are the recommended cables for Professional Home Theaters, Commercial Installations, and Consumers wanting the best HDMI cables for 4K Ultra HD displays and content.


    < li>Snug-Tite Grip retains 12lbs of grip force
  • [email protected], 4:4:4, 2160P, full 18Gbps
  • Triple shielded for maximum EMI noise protection
  • HDR, ARC, BT .2020 and HDMI Anti-counterfeit
  • High speed with Ethernet 2.0
  • Active HDMI Cable
Electric Testing100% 4K/60HZ TV+Simplay Labs;
ICT Testing: RT8000 Numerical value: 18Gbps / 56%
HDMI C-grip Plug - Gold Plated(Pin 15u" Gold) (3033700AAG with HT8181 IC)X. = 1
X = 0.2
XX = 0.1
HDMI C-Grip PlugGold Plated (3033700ACG)
PVC- Black 60P (31401012060 YT-3411/3581 & YT-3492 / YT-3493)
Plastic CapTransparent(2312110024)
1P+((1/0.203Bc+ HDPE)
1C+Filler+AL Mylar+16/13/0.10(85%)Tc Braid}
1C OD=7.5 0.15MM
JacketBlack PVC Jacket with White Text
High Speed HDMI R(logo)Cable With Ethernet E148115-D (UL) c(UL)
SHIELDED75!C FT4 28AWG/11C+32AWG/4C (CTI:C16S1310-3)

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