PROAV 7 Audio Input IP Transmitter
With control. IP audio input uses an existing IP network via AVB to distribute audio. Multi channel audio input that has 7 inputs for audio devices that is encoded and transmitted over the IP network. Audio can then be played from any of Savants IP Audio receiver units/ including the IP Audio 50/ IP Audio 125/ IP Audio/ and the 8 Source IP Receiver. Includes a number of control ports for local devices. Inputs include 3 analog stereo. 2 digital coaxial audio inputs (S/PDIF). 2 digital optical audio inputs (TOSLINK). Transmits all inputs to the AVB network for audio distribution. 2x RS232. 6x IR.





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IP Audio Single In & Out
Converts IP Audio Signals to Analog to Digital. Bi-directional single I/O connection. Supports 24-Bit 96kHz sample rate. PoE class 3 power requirement / IEEE 802.3af. Bi-color Power and Status LED indicators. Mounting hardware included.




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ProAV 16Ch Audio Output IP Receiver
With 8 stereo pairs (16 channels) of audio output switching and controls. Any stream from the AVB network can be routed to any channel.




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PROAV 4 Video Input IP Transmitter
4K UHD with control. 4 HDMI inputs with SPF+ connects to the 10Gb Network. Advanced Video Processing. Multi-Source Video Compositing. Built-in 4K60 4:4:4 scalar. Downscales to 1080p or other resolutions. Includes analog audio outputs. HDMI inputs must be set to PCM audio. Each input includes one IR and one RS232 control port (total of 4 IR and 4 RS232). Additional 1Gigabit Ethernet Network Data Bandwidth. Connect Any Ethernet Network Compliant Device. Shares the 10Gb network link with 1Gb of reserved bandwidth.





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XP Based Central Processor
Powerful 32bit & 533MHz CPU. 128Mb of non-volatile Flash memory. Six multi-purpose I/O ports. Three programmable 12VDC trigger outputs. Three assignable voltage sense inputs. Three programmable relay outputs. Two RS-232 ports for bi-directional communication. Built-in astronomical clock for time-based events and sleep timers. Compatible with all RTI wireless remote controls (when used with RTI RF antennas/Zigbee transceivers) and In-wall controllers. Multi-purpose I/O ports are compatible with industry standard IR emitters & blasters & and repeater systems. Input for connection of multiple RF receiver modules. P/N: 10-210621-13




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