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Pro Control works nicely with many of the top brands

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R-Series (Single Room)

The Pro Control R Series is ideal for single room control, especially media rooms.

Pro24.r Plus
Remote Control with Charging Dock



The Pro24.r (now with charging dock included) extends your reach without straining your budget. The 2.4” LCD touchscreen display and fully programmable hard buttons assure intuitive control. The wizard-based Pro Control Studio software enables advanced control and customization. When paired with Pro Control’s ProLink.r control processor, the Pro24.r delivers fast and reliable 433 MHz RF one-way communication for exceptional control.


  • Infrared and 433MHz RF control
  • Fully customizable graphical interface
  • 2.4” Color LCD touchscreen display
  • Tilt-activated backlit buttons
  • Convenient, intuitive selection of buttons
  • All hard buttons are fully programmable


ProLink.r Plus
Control Processor Plus IR Emitters



The ProLink.r is a professional grade processor, able to store macros and commands to deliver complete system control. It is PC programmable via the Pro Control wizard-based software, and communicates with the Pro24.r and iPro.8 remotes via one-way 433 MHz RF signal.

With one-way 433 MHz RF communication, 4 IR routing ports, 2 voltage sense inputs, and one-way LAN control for iPhone or iPad control, the ProLink.r overdelivers.


  • Four integrated IR routing ports
  • Adjustable output strength
  • Four (4) IR Emitters included
  • PC programmable with the wizard based Pro Control Studio software
  • Communicates with the Pro24.r and iPro.8 remotes via one-way 433 MHz RF signal
  • Provides one-way LAN control via iPad ® and iPhone® with an activated ProPanel app

Z-Series (Whole Home)

The Pro Control Z Series delivers an exceptional smart home experience throughout the house.

Remote Control with Charging Dock



Experience the new standard in remote control technology. When used with a Pro Control processor, this powerhouse offers infrared and Zigbee® communication for control and feedback from AV receivers, media streamers, lighting and more. A dazzling touchscreen takes entertainment to new heights. Available in sophisticated matte finish.


  • Infrared and 2.4GHz ZigBee control
  • Graphical interface is completely customizable
  • 2.4 Color LCD touchscreen display
  • Programmable 5-way joystick
  • Tilt-activated backlit buttons
  • Convenient, intuitive selection of fully programmable buttons
  • Numeric keypad


Control Processor



Pro Control’s ultimate processor delivers comprehensive control over your environment when partnered with the Pro24.z or iPro.8 remotes. Also compatible with our ProPanel App for iOS.

Designed to command even the most complex electronic systems, the ProLink.z boasts a formidable array of control options, fully customizable via Pro Control’s wizard-based software.


  • Six integrated IR routing ports
  • Two voltage-sensing inputs
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz Zigbee® antenna
  • Ethernet port for network control
  • Two 2-way RS-232 ports for advanced bi-directional control
  • PC programmable with the wizard based Pro Control Studio software
  • Communicates with the Pro24.z and iPro.8 remotes
  • Integrates seamlessly with tablets, smartphones and PCs with an activated ProPanel app

Control Anywhere

ProPanel gives you the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – only running on your iPhone or iPad instead. At home, or on the go.

Prolink.r ProPanel
1-User Paper Apple License


Prolink.r ProPanel
5-User Paper Apple License


Prolink.z ProPanel
1-User Paper Apple License


ProLink.z ProPanel
5-User Paper Apple License


Prolink.r ProPanel
1-User Email Apple License


Prolink.r ProPanel
5-User Email Apple License


Prolink.z ProPanel
1-User Email Apple License


ProLink.z ProPanel
5-User Email Apple License




Your world is mobile.

Your home control should be mobile, too. Completely customizable using the Pro Control Studio® programming software, ProPanel provides secure local or remote access to a Pro Control processor from any local area network or Internet connection. Control your music and video, view and adjust the thermostat, monitor security systems and turn lights on and off – from anywhere in the home or away—the office, on vacation, or anywhere in between.

A ProPanel license is required for each processor using an Apple® iOS device and will need to be purchased and activated by an authorized Pro Control Dealer. See your Pro Control dealer for additional details.


  • Use your Apple iPad® or iPhone®, and iPod Touch® to control Audio/Video, Lights, Climate and other electronic systems.
  • Compatible with the ProLink.r and ProLink.z control processor.
  • Highly customizable user-interface.
  • Programmed using the same Pro Control Studio software used for all Pro Control products.
  • Use in conjunction the Pro Control handheld remotes or as the primary control.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape views with no extra programming required.
  • ProPanel supports full two-way feedback, including cover art, graphics, text, dynamic scrolling lists, and more.
  • Accesses the Pro Control system locally via Wi-Fi®, and off-site via Wi-Fi® or 3G/4G with automatic switching.
  • Highly optimized for fast connection times.
  • Control system programming is stored on the mobile device and updates automatically when changes are made.

Companion Controller

A Unique Companion for Tablets and Smartphones.

RF Remote



A companion controller for use with smart phones, tablets and processors, this remote overcomes the limitations these other devices have in controlling your gear’s most frequently used features. Plus, it’s an ideal secondary remote for all users.


  • RF connectivity delivers instant control of connected devices.
  • Extra layer of convenience as a companion remote for Pro Control users.
  • Hard-buttons provide tactile control and one-tap access to favorite activities, such as selecting the media input, changing channels, controlling the volume, or adjusting the lights.
  • Eliminates the need to navigate between apps on the phone or tablet.
  • Can be used with any Pro Control ProLink.z or ProLink.r processor with or without an activated ProPanel App.



Eight pack of Pro.ire.1 infrared emitters for the ProLink processors



Emitter connecting block provides infrared expansion when used with Pro Control processors.



Control module provides four addressable relays for controlling everything from amplifiers to window coverings.



Professional Network Management Tool for use with Z-Wave wireless networks.



Device allows Pro Control to access and control wireless Z-Wave devices.



Extend the wireless range between the ProLink.z and Pro24.z remotes



charging dock for the Pro24.z and Pro24.r v2. Charger sold separately



Replacement rechargeable battery which is used in both the Pro24.z and the Pro24.r.


Charging Cable

Replacement charger which can be used for both the Pro24.z and the Pro24.r