Metra SPY-CAT5BNC12V CAT 5/6 BNC Video Cable

100m Cable. Runs a CAT-5/6 to BNC. Features BNC pigtail at receiver end. Accommodate tight space behind the DVR. CCTV camera balun w/power lead. BNC connection. Package contains transmit & receiver. MC25.




Metra Home Theater SPY-CAT5BNC12V Cat 5/6 BNC Video Cable

Connect cameras to DVRs with ease! The Metra Home Theater SPY-CAT5BNC12V is a cat 5/6 BNC Video Cable perfect for the job. Just plug the camera video and 12V connectors into the transmitter, run a CAT 5/6, and connect the receiver to a DVR.


This Cat 5/6 BNC Video Cable can be run up to 100M in length. The receiver side of the Balun had a BNC pigtail to fit into tight spaces behind the DVR. (568-B Cat 5/6 recommended)

Metra Home Theater

With a commitment to quality over quantity, Metra Home Theater Group continues to be the leading manufacturer of installation accessories for home theater and integration. For over 65 years Metra has continued to design, engineer and produce the most innovative products in our industry. Metra continues to keep the custom integrator and end user in mind when developing time saving and factory finished products. From the simplest of parts like connectors and splitters to the most innovative HDMI solutions, we have our customers covered. Metra supplies not only home theater dealers and retailers, but also offers a vast array of profitable products available to custom integrators and installers. Metra offers solutions to maximize your business profits by distributing all necessary hardware as well as diagnostic items from long-run HDMI solutions, TV mounts and in-wall products to surveillance systems. Metra maintains fully stocked warehouses in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Southern California and now Northern California to provide you the highest quality products on time, all the time.

  • Use CAT5/6 to connect cameras to DVR
  • Plug camera video and 12V connections into transmitter, run CAT5/6, connect receiver to DVR
  • Run up to 100M in length
  • Receiver side of Balun has BNC pigtail to fit into tight spaces behind DVR
  • 568-B CAT5/6 recommended

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