Artison ARCHT-6-SSTT Architectural 6.5" Single In-Ceiling Twin Tweeter Stereo




6.5-inch Frameless Kevlar Single Speaker (each). Can be used in in-ceiling or in-wall applications.  The ARCHT-6-SSTT features dual tweeters for smaller rooms, or when premium stereo sound is required from a single speaker.
All Artison Architectural Speaker models feature an ultra-slim, magnetic micro-frame round grill and optional square grill, for a low-profile design that blends seamlessly into any decor. The grills are available in white, and are paintable for those looking for the ultimate in discreet installations.
Key Features
  • Ideal for spaces not requiring defined Left Right Stereo Soundstage
  • Twin 3/4-inch Teteron Tweeter Diaphragm with Low Resonance and Internal Damping
  • Reliable Installation with Proven Dog Clamp Design
  • Advanced Crossover Design and High-Quality Components
  • Metal Perforated Magnetic Flush, Paintable Grilles
  • Square Grille Option
  • Anti-Diffraction Ring

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