The AKG AB4000 is an in-line antenna signal amplifier specifically designed to boost wireless microphone Radio Frequency (RF) signal. Receiver antennas are often positioned at far proximity to the actual receiver in sound reinforcement applications, causing significant loss in RF signal gain. RF signal strength is restored when the AB4000 is inserted in-line between an antenna and wireless microphone receiver.

Selectable Gain

Users may select between 17, 15, 13, 11, 9 and 7dB gain boost, enabling the necessary amount of gain to be applied as needed.

BNC Connections

The AB4000 connects in-line between antenna and receiver using standard 50 ohm BNC or N socket connections.

Powered Externally

The unit receives 8 VDC from PS4000 or ASU4000 via antenna cable.

Water Resistant Enclosure

Resists moisture and the elements when used outdoors.

Compact Profile

The AB4000 measures only 3 x 2" for a compact, low-profile.

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