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AT FAP62T 6 inch Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker with 32-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Ported Enclosure
50W power handling. 88 dB sensitivity. 8-ohm bypass. 6inch woofer with 3/4inch coaxially mounted PEI (polyetherimide) dome tweeter. built-in 70V/100V transforme with selectable 2W|4W| 8W|16W|32-watt power taps. Packaged as 2 each per box. MC 2. ***MUST PURCHASE IN PAIRS ***PRICED AS EACH

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AT SM42T-B 4 inch 2-Way All Weather Speaker with 16-Watt 70V/100V Transformer - Black
Speaker System With 70.7V/100V-16W Transformer All Weather resistant. Black. Compatible w/Omnimount. Internal 16W, 70.7/100V transformer w/power taps at 2, 4, 8, & 16 Ohms. Wave guide system for wide sound dispersion. Powder coated aluminum grill. Available in White. ea.

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Atlas Audio ATPLATE-052 Attenuator Mounting Plate
2 RU, 14-Gauge Steel Panel for applications where the ATPLATE will not be fully loaded. Black Epoxy. Pre-punched to accommodate up to 6 Atlas sound attenuators.

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AT FAP40T 4 inch In Ceiling Speaker with 16-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Ported Enclosure
Tuned ported design for extended bass response. 16 watt internal transformer. 8 ohm transformer bypass setting. Low profile plastic enclosure. Input via 2 pole terminal strip. Frequency Response 100Hz-12kHz (Y3DB).

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Atlas Audio PA1001G 1-Channel 100-Watt Pole Mount Amplifier
100W x 1 70v/100v compact power amplifier. Ultra efficient amplification technology convection cooled. Energy efficient only 16 watts draw in sleep mode. Balanced inputs via Phoenix connector. Remote Power Up. 1-Unit 1/2 Rack Space.

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Atlas Audio AT35D 35-Watt Single Gang Attenuator - White
Attractive alternative to commercial series attenuators. Mount into most 1-gang e.o. Boxes. White and ivory plastic plates with matching skirted knobs in decora style. 10 attenuation steps plus positive off.

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AT AT35 35 Watt Single Gang Stainless Steel 70.7V Commercial Attenuator
10 Attenuation steps plus positive off. Mount into most 1-gang e.o. Boxes. Wall plates are stainless steel with stamped and filled dial scale and a skirted black knob. Works in Both 25 and 70.7V Systems. Controllable Function Volume Control.

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AT FAP42T 4 inch Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker with 16-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Ported Enclosure
Extended Low Frequency Response. 70.7V/100V Internal Transformers. Easy Installation in Drop Tile/Sheetrock. Easy System Tuning Adjustments. Detachable Phoenix Style/Euro Connector.

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Atlas Audio PM8FA-B 8" Pendant Mount Black Speaker
FA138 dr provides 100 degree coverage in the 2 kHz octave band. High-efficient 70.7V step down line transformer w/1.9, 3.8, 7.5, 15, 30, and 60W power taps. Ported Enclosure. Compatible with standard 3/4in ceiling fan hardware.

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AT SM82T-B 8 inch 2-Way All Weather Speaker with 60-Watt 70V/100V Transformer - Black
8 woofer 1in Tweeter. Black. 1in. exit compression driver. Omnimount 30 Series Compatible. 60-W 70V/100V transformer. Powder coated aluminum grill. Adjustable Transformer. TRX Waveguide. Available in White. Each.

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AT AA400PHD 6-Input 400 Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test Circuitry PHD
Automated diagnostic system test. 400W into 25/70.7V and 4 ohm loads. 4 balanced Mic/Line/Tel inputs with phantom power. 3 unbalanced summing line level inputs. Input assignable zone 2 output. Remote level control.

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Atlas Audio PM8SUB-B 8" Pendant Mount 60W Subwoofer
Integrated 70.7V Transformer w/Power Taps at 7.5 15 30 & 60 Watt w/8 Ohm Bypass. Black. 3 Meters of 2mm Cable & Mounting Hardware. Compatible w/Standard 3/4in Ceiling Fan Hardware. Ideal Low Frequency Driver for High Ceiling Applications.

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AT AA50PHD 4-Input 50-Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test PHD
Rear-Mounted DIP Switch for Mute Options. 4 Input 50 Watt Mixer Amplifier with automatic system test (PHD). 50W into 25V/70.7V and 4 Ohms Loads. PHX and RCA Options. Preamp for External Processing. Remote mute function. Each.

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Atlas Audio M1000 8" Dual Cone Sound Masking Speaker
70.7V-4W Transformer and Enclosure. Complete with New Snap Hanger Assembly, Allows Quick and Easy Installation. Safety Listed to UL 1480 and UL 2043. MC4. AT-M1000. Easy Installation.

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AT AA100PHD 4-Input 100-Watt Mixer Amplifier with Automatic System Test PHD
Contact-closure mute terminals. Variable mute sensitivity control for input 1. Preamp in for external processors. line output. Remote input select (RIS). Remote level control. Input-assignable zone 2 output. 3x unbalanced summing line level inputs.

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Atlas Audio FAP82T 8" Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker w/Ported Enclosure
70W power handling. 4 Pole Detachable Phoenix Style Connector. 8inch woofer with coaxially mounted dome tweeter. 90 dB sensitivity. built-in 70V/100V transformers with selectable 1.9, 3.8, 7.5, 15, 30, and 60-watt power taps.

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Atlas Audio CP400 2-Channel 400-Watt Power Amplifier
Dual-Channel 400W Power Commercial Audio Amplifier. Compact Design. Stereo, Bridge, and Mono Modes. Barrier Strip and XLR Inputs. 25/70.7/100V and Direct Coupled Outputs. Toroidal Transformers. Fan Cooling. Power Up Muting. Stepped Rear Attenuators.

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Atlas Audio SD72W 8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Speaker
10oz Dual Cone Speaker Provides Familiar Response & Performance. Similar to Atlas C series. 25 or 70.7V transformer. Attractive CRS white powder coat baffle. Individually pkg for stocking & ordering convenience. Quality 5w-dual voltage transformer.

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AT WPD-RISRL Wall Plate Input Select Switch with Volume Control 10k Pot and Input Indicator Use With AAPHD Amplifiers
Allows for remote input selection and volume adjustment. White. 1 Gang. Input select slide switch. Level control via on board 10k potentiometer. System status indicator (Red). 8-Conductor interface connection. Label guard.

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AT AT100 100 Watt Single Gang Stainless Steel 70.7V Commercial Attenuator
Single gang stainless steel 100 watt 70.7v commercial attenuator. 10 Attenuation steps plus positive off. Wall plates are stainless steel with stamped and a skirted black knob. 0.6 dB insertion loss. designed for 25 and 70V systems.

Atlas Sound


Atlas Audio CP700 2-Channel 700-Watt Power Amplifier
Dual Channel 700W High Power commercial amplifier. Black. Balanced inputs on barrier strip and XLR connectors. Short-circuit temperature and DC offset protection. 25V 70.7V 100V and direct-coupled barrier strip outputs.

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AT 81-8R 8 inch Round Hole T-Bar Bridge
Load-bearing bridges eliminate ceiling tile sag by distributing assembly weight to ceiling support system. Round cut-out that suits baffles mounting the industry standard atlas sound 95 series enclosures. Rust-resistant 24-gauge electrogalvanized steel construction ensures long service life. 14 1/8 x 23 5/8. **MOUNTS: - 51-8 - 60-8(W) - 61-8W - 62-8 - 63-8 - 67-8(W) - 68-8W - 170-8 - M197(W) - P900

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Atlas Audio PM4FA-B 4" Pendant Mount Speaker
4in FA134 dr provides 130 degree coverage in the 2khz octave band. Discreet, natural sounding speaker w/attractive enclosure. 70.7V taps @ 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 W plus 8-ohm direct input. Compatible w/standard 3/4in ceiling fan/cable mounting hardware.

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Atlas Audio ROCKFA62T-BR 6" Rock Speaker with Brown Finish
Durable 6in coaxial speakers w/ 110-degrees horizontal dispersion pattern. Kevlar treated woofers cone w/synthetic rubber surround. Internal 32 watt 70.7V / 100V transformer & 8 Bypass in Simulated Rock Enclosure.

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