9/3 Rebate Overview

This program offers registered dealers in the program the ability to receive a credit on account for all purchases* made through WAVE Electronics each calendar quarter. There are five achievement levels based on the purchases of all MSTR Brand products and other qualifying 9% brands listed below.

Get up to 9% rebate on qualifying products:

  • BRKT - TV and projector mounts.
  • Elura - Architectural, outdoor, and subwoofer speakers.
  • Just Add Power - HDMI over IP.
  • JVC - Projectors.
  • Key Digital - Digital video technology & solutions.
  • LINK - Video/HDMI extenders.
  • LUX Tech - Security cameras, DVRs, and NVRs.
  • Luxul - Wired and wireless networking.
  • MartinLogan - High end audio speakers.
  • Nuvo - Multi-room audio distribution.
  • Panamax - Power management.
  • POWR - Rackmount power products and strips.
  • ProConnect - HDMI cables
  • Proficient - Architectural and outdoor speakers.
  • RACK - Equipment racks and accessories.
  • RTI - Remote Technologies Incorporated.
  • Savant - Smart home automation.
  • SCP Wire - Bulk Wire.
  • SCRN - Projection screens.
  • Sonance - SonArray and Garden Series Landscape systems.
  • URC - Univeral Remote Control.
  • Wet Sounds - Outdoor & Landscape Speakers.
  • WIRE Brand - Bulk Wire.

WIRE Brand products count towards MSTR Brand program purchase tiers per quarter but are not included in the rebate amount.

The program is simple, purchase any qualifying products from the list of brands above, meet any of the quarterly achievement levels, and receive a rebate each quarter for your combined qualifying MSTR Brand and WAVE Electronics purchases. There are no purchase requirements for all other WAVE Electronics products.


Purchase $30,000 of any qualifying MSTR Brand products in a calendar quarter and receive a 9% rebate on those purchases plus a 3% rebate on all WAVE Electronics purchases for the calendar quarter. Both rebates amounts are combined into one rebate on account and paid the following month after a quarter.


WAVE Electronics 9/3 Rebate Program

Achievement Level Qualifying MSTR Brand Purchases MSTR Brand Rebate % WAVE Electronics Rebate %
1 $2,500.00 4% 0%
2 $5,000.00 6% 0.5%
3 $10,000.00 7% 1%
4 $20,000.00 8% 2%
5 $30,000.00 9% 3%



  • All MSTR Brand products count towards achievement levels except for WIRE/SCP Bulk Wire products. WIRE/SCP Bulk Wire product purchases can qualify up to 50% of each tier achievement level. The other 50% must be other MSTR Brand products.
  • All MSTR Brand products purchased at non negotiated prices except WIRE qualify for a quarterly rebate.
  • All other WAVE Electronics products must be purchased at non negotiated prices to qualify for the WAVE Electronics rebate.
  • All products under a WAVE Electronics promotions or specials will count towards tier achievement levels.
  • MSTR Brand purchases do not combine with WAVE Electronics purchases for the WAVE Electronics rebate. Qualifying MSTR Brand purchases are paid through the MSTR Brand rebate.


Quarterly Rebate

  • A rebate will be paid in the form of a credit on account the following month after a calendar quarter based on MSTR Brand purchase tier achievement level.
  • Quarters are not combined each quarter stands alone.
  • Rebates are not transferable.



  • WAVE Electronics open account dealers that are past due or over their credit limit will not qualify for this program. Terms accounts that are up to date will have rebate credits posted to their account and available for future purchases.
  • Dealers must have no previous debt to WAVE Electronics to participate in this program.


* Program is subject to change at anytime and without notice.