94" Theater Motorized Slate Screen

HD screen materials. Elegant tab-tensioned. Easy to install. Equipped w/Somfy motors. Smooth ultra-quiet performance. RF/RS232 control. Multiple mounting options. 16:9 ratio screen. Theater Motorized Flush. Slate 1.2. Each.




This Screen Innovations motorized projection screen measures 92" diagonally. 16:9 aspect ratio is great for displaying HDTV content. Features Screen Innovations Slate 1.2 front projection viewing material.For ceiling recessed installations only.

Contrast Enhancement.

Multi-purpose rooms always have some level of ambient light in the environment. By rejecting 65% of that light, Slate allows you to leave the lights on when watching the game, movies, playing video games, and more.

Multiple Case Options.

For the best motorized big screen experience, our 5 Series Motorized workhorse is available in multiple color options and case configurations. Offering both black or white in external configurations, as well as a flush mount option gives our users the flexibility to ensure their system will match the aesthetics of their environment.

Precision Cut Tabs.

Instead of adhering tabs onto the screen surface which can tear or break free over time, we precision cut the tabs into the material on computer-driven fabric tables which creates an adhesive free tensioning system and greatly reduces the possibility for repeating marks.


We include low voltage Trigger, IR Remote, and Wall Switch standard with every 5 Series Motorized that we ship. For customers looking for even more connectivity, we also offer the option of RS232/485.

Slate is the world’s first massive ambient-light rejecting screen that is black in color. Because of this, the end goal of bringing two-piece projection to any environment is now closer than ever allowing super large displays in brightly lit environments.

Made in the USA, Slate is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200-inches diagonally 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. Slate is available in Motorized, Zero Edge, and Fixed Frame screen formats.

Slate replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light vs. only <10% light rejection with a white or gray screen. Slate provides the missing link as an affordable solution for the price-conscious consumer.

We are always pushing ourselves to develop the ultimate in projection screens for any buyer, and any budget, and most importantly: in any environment. It’s our driving force, what we’re made of. Slate enables us to provide a solution for allowing users to "step out of the dark" and into the family, room, game room or multi-purpose room.

Yes, Slate is flexible. This is a completely new offering that has never been enjoyed by the middle-market until now. Combining Slate with our Zero Edge form factor makes installation a breeze and allows two piece projection with ambient light rejection in nearly any environment.

Introducing the largest ambient-light rejecting screen available today. At sizes up to 390-inches diagonally, Slate Micro Seam fills the void for large-scale, ambient-light-rejecting screens for any commercial or retail environment imaginable. By utilizing a special radio frequency welding technique, we create an air-tight seal between two Slate materials that’s nearly invisible at distances of greater than 20 feet.

Dimensions:45??Height??x??80.2??Width; 92??Diagonal
Surface:SLATE 1.2

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