8in Flanged Round Enclosure

Cost-efficient cylindrical protective enclosures that mount a variety of atlas sound grilles. Mounting holes located on the internal plaster flange to allow easy and convenient installation.





AtlasIED 96-8 is a cost-efficient cylindrical protective enclosures that mounts a variety of AtlasIED grilles.

Welded CRS construction with painted finish. Units are undercoated and patch-jute lined to eliminate mechanical and acoustical resonances.


  • Cost-Effi cient Cylindrical Protective Enclosures that Mount a Variety of Atlas Sound Grilles
  • Mounting Holes Located on the Internal Plaster Flange to Allow Easy and Convenient Installation
  • DEPTH4 1/4" (10.80 cm)
    DIAMETER11 7/8" (30.16 cm)
    SHIPPING WEIGHT3.50 lbs (1.59 kgs)
    MOUNTS BAFFLE: 51-8, 60-8(W), 61-8W, 62-8, 63-8, 67-8(W), 68-8W, 170-8, G22-8, M222(W), P900, VP-60R, U51-8, U61-8W, U62-8, UG22-8, UM222W
    SAFETY LISTED1480 / 2043

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