8" All Weather 30W Amplified Horn

Simple & secure. Cast aluminum swivel mount. Screw terminal. Weatherproof. UV-protected. Mocha finish. Low DC current draw. Heat dissipation. High-efficiency digital switching amplifier technology. Rotatable horn for vertical/horizontal dispersion.





The SAH30 High-Efficiency Digital Switching Self-Amplified Horn (30W) from Bogen uses less current and has lower heat dissipation than traditional analog self-amplified horns. This sturdy speaker can be positioned easily with its swivel and tilt mount. The uniquely shaped horn helps control dispersion for better intelligibility indoors or outdoors. Because of its high-efficiency digital switching amplifier, the SAH30 can operate for extended periods of time in higher ambient temperatures than conventional analog self-amplified horn speakers.


  • Digital Amplifier Draws Less Current
  • Weatherproof, UV-Protected Housing
  • Weatherproof, plastic UV-protected housing
  • The SAH30 includes a sturdy aluminum mount that swivels, tilts and rotates
  • Digital switching amplifier draws less DC current and less heat dissipation when compared to conventional analog amplifiers
Typical Current Consumption:17 CU (850 mA)
Power Supply Voltage (nominal)24V DC
Max. Power Rating:30W
Max. Sound Level:127 dBspl
Input Sensitivity:125 mVrms
Frequency Response:275 Hz - 14 kHz
Input Impedance:2k ohms
Dispersion:120° x 90º
Dimensions (W x H x D):10.5/8 In x 12 In x 11.1/2 In
Weight:6 lb.

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