12x6 Digital Zone Processor

P/N DBX1260V





The ZonePRO 1260 from dbx is a digital zone processor that features twelve-channels of input and six-outputs. The unit is suitable for installation in restaurants, fitness centers, nightclubs and any other situation that requires multiple-zone control of audio sources with paging features. The ZonePRO 1260 has limited front-panel control, but both it and the ZonePRO 1261 (same features but with no front-panel control) require a computer for initial set-up.

The processor provides two balanced inputs on Euroblock terminals that are selectable as line or microphone level (with phantom power) along with eight pairs of analog RCA line inputs, with each pair internally summed to mono. An RCA coaxial S/PDIF digital input is also available. Outputs are available via Euroblock terminals and can be configured as either stereo or mono. Front panel control includes zone output volume, source select, and muting for each zone. Output level meters with six-segment LED meters and output dynamics threshold LEDs provide visual feedback of signal levels.

The included Windows based control software communicates with the unit via RS-232 or Ethernet. Processor blocks can be switched in or out of a chain and include input gain, high-pass filtering, parametric EQ, compression, limiting, gating, AGC, ducking, de-essing, AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression), notch filters, signal routing, band-pass filtering, delay and polarity. An AutoWarmth module provides gentle bass boost compensation as signal levels are lowered.

The ZonePRO 1260 really shines when utilized with optional remote wall-mount controllers that can be positioned within the various zones. The wall-mounts are able to provide local volume control or scene selection, dependent on the type of controller installed. A built-in real-time clock can provide programmable system changes throughout the day or week. All program memory is non-volatile, ensuring program security in the event of power failure or computer malfunction.


  • Twelve-c hannel input, six-output zone processor with limited front panel control
  • Processing blocks available on both inputs and outputs
  • Up to six zones can receive independent audio sources, with paging priority
  • Local zone control is available utilizing the optional WC series of wall-mounted controllers
  • Microphone input can have AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression) inserted with fixed or live filter response
  • "Autowarmth" module provides a bass-boost to low level signals
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) maintains even levels
  • Other dynamic DSP includes compression, limiting, noise gating and ducking
  • Includes band-pass and crossover filters, notch filtering and parametric EQ
  • Security lockout
  • Computer control via RS-232 and Ethernet
  • An analog input bus allows inputs from one unit to be sent to a another unit for application scalability

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