100" Scope Zero-G Ext Slate

100" diagonally. Ultra-wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Pure White front projection viewing material. Contrast Enhancement. Multiple Case Options. Precision Cut Tabs. Low voltage Trigger. 1.3 Gain. 75 degrees Half-Gain Angle. Micro Texture. Each.




The Screen Innovations Zero-G is a levitating motorized screen

Think Rollable Television. When watching the game or your favorite movie, Zero-G drops out of the case and expands at a preset location giving you a "levitating image", suspended by cables.

Simple Design

We ensured that the installation of Zero-G is simple and smooth by engineering features such as removable PCB and upper motor lift tubes, factory pre-programmed bomb-bay doors (ceiling recessed unit only), and automatic upper limits via optical sensors. Available with a ceiling recessed case option or a wall/ceiling mounted casing.

Take back your room

You paid for your view. Don't re-arrange your room just so you can see the flat panel television. With Zero-G you can drop your screen in front of a bay of windows, or art-deco wall where you never could have placed a flat-panel television.


When you buy a Zero-G, you are buying something that does not exist anywhere else. It is uniquely suited to overcoming major challenges associated with the typical viewing experience.


  • Screen Size:100" Diagonal
  • Viewable Screen Area: 39"H x 92"W
  • Aspect Ratio:Cinema 2.35:1 Format
  • Product Operation/Installation : Motorized Electric Operation - Wall or Ceiling Installation
  • Projector Screen Surface: Pure White 1.3 Gain, 10% Ambient Light Reflection
  • Additional Features: Quiet Motor, Vibration Isolation System, Custom Cord Color Options Available
  • Proudly made in the USA - hand-built screens are custom manufactured in Austin, Texas

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